Monday, 10 February 2014

9 free programs every computer should have

Hello to all my friends.Today I am going to show you "9 free programs every computer should have".

1.Web browser:


When you install a new Windows 7 or Windows 8 etc. Internet explorer has installed in your PC. But Internet Explorer is not a very good web browser.So you need to download and install another web browser in your computer.I think Google chrome is the best,fast,free and my favorite web browser. It is the most popular web browser created by Google. It is very fast and reliable web browser.To download Google chrome web browser just go to this link and download the Google Chrome web browser for free. So I recommend Google Chrome web browser. After downloading just open the downloaded file and it will automatically install into your computer.



For communication with each other we use mobile phones,telephones and telegrams etc.But in computer  to communicate with each other you need a software like Skype and Google talk etc.You can send messages with social websites like Facebook and Twitter etc, but to make a call or video call you need to download Skype.
Skype is a free, fast and easy to use software available for Windows,Mac and Linux.With Skype you can send and receive messages,make a call and video call etc.There are many other features available in Skype e.g you can make a call with Skype to mobile numbers and Landline numbers. But it is not free you need to pay some dollars to make a call.To download Skype for Windows just go to this link.To install Skype just go to this link and follow the instruction.

3.Media player:


Windows 7 or XP has a built-in program called Windows media player.It is a media player that can open many media files like mp3,mp4 and 3gp etc but it cannot open many other formats like flv etc.To open that formats you need a media player.I recommend VLC media player.A very popular,free and fast media player which can open almost any media format.You can watch movies,songs,mp3 songs and other videos with it.To download VLC media player just type "vlc media player free download" in any search engine and download VLC media player from any website like etc.To install VLC media player go to this link and follow the instruction to install it.



Antivirus software is a computer program that detects,prevents and takes action to deactivate or remove malicious programs (Viruses,worms,adware etc).
Antivirus program runs in background all the time and informs the user when some malware is detected.I think AVG is the best Antivirus Program. AVG antivirus is a very popular, fast and free antivirus. AVG can remove any kind of virus. To download AVG Free Antivirus just go to this link and download the file. To install AVG Free Antivirus just go to this link and follow the instructions.

5.System Tuning:


Without a system tuning software, your computer will slow down very soon. There are many built-in system tuning programs like error checker and disk defragment etc but I recommend  CCleaner program.It is a free,tiny,fast and easy to use software.CCleaner can optimize your computer, solve registry errors, clear errors of web browser and many more.To download Ccleaner just go to and download it.To install just go to this link and follow the instructions.

6.Download manager:


Every browser has a built-in downloader but these downloaders are too slow.For fast downloading you need a download manager.I recommend Internet Download Manager (IDM). It increases the downloading speed by 5 times e.g If the speed of your connection is 30 KB.It will increase your speed from 30 to 160 kbs.IDM is a fast,popular and a free windows program.You can download it from this link. IDM is a trial of 30 days. Don't download life time crack for IDM because cracks always have some malwares.To install Internet Download Manager just go to this link and follow the instructions.

7. Utorrent:


Sometimes you download a torrent file.But when you open that file an error occurs.To open torrent files I recommend to use Utorrent.It is a free,fast,tiny and easy to use program.It is a torrent downloader.To download go to this link and download Utorrent free.To install Utorrent just go to this link and follow the instructions.



You download a file like game.rar and try to open it but an error occurs.Because there is no built-in program in windows for rar file format.To open that rar format files you need to download Winrar program.  Winrar is a tiny,fast and a free program.
Winrar is a free program that completely supports RAR and ZIP archives and is able to unpack CAB, LZH, ARJ, TAR , ISO, UUE, ACE, GZ, JAR, 7Z archives.
To download Winrar just go to this link and download Winrar. To install Winrar just go to this link and follow the instructions.



Sometimes you download a file like tips.pdf and when you try to open it an error occurs.Windows has a built-in program for text files "note pad". To open PDF files you need to download Adobe Reader program.It is a free,fast and easy to use program for reading any file.It was released in 1993.To download Adobe Reader just go to this link and download Adobe Reader. To install Adobe Reader just go to this link and follow the instructions.

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