Tuesday, 4 February 2014

6 Best computer Tips and Tricks for windows XP

  1.Get every information about your pc without any software

1st :step:go to the start menu first and select all programs

2nd :Go to the accessories and select system tools and select system information

now you can see every information about your pc.

2.How to enable,disable and repair a network.

In this post I show you how to enable disable or repair a network just follow these steps.
First open my network from the desktop (If there is no my network on desktop click here)
Second click View network connections (right side of my network)
Third right-click on the network (which you are using) and click disable (if you want to disable network)
If you want to enable network click enable and if you want to repair network click repair.
congratulations you done.

3.Computer will repeat your voice:

Today I am going to show you how the computer's speakers speak with you such as it create your computer a singing microphone.first you need a speaker a microphone and a pc with windows.
first plug-in your speaker in the speaker port and plug the microphone in microphone port.
second go to the volume icon in the notification area.right click on menu and select open volume control.
third click on option and click properties.now select all options and click OK.
now unmute all by click on the tick boxes and save
congratulations you done it.. Now speak anything in the microphone and the speakers will repeat it.

5.How to uninstall a program
In window xp : Go to start menu and select control panel. Open ''add or remove programs'' select program which you want to uninstall and click uninstall.
In window seven : Open start menu in the search bar type control panel and open the control panel.
Now in control panel Open uninstall a program select the program you want to remove from your computer and click uninstall. Congratulations you done the program will remove from your computer's hard drive.

6.How to control your mouse cursor with keyboard.

Today I am showing you how you can control your mouse cursor with keyboard numbers.

What is a cursor?

A special symbol, usually a solid rectangle or a blinking underline character, that signifies where the next character will be displayed on the screen. To type in different areas of the screen, you need to move the cursor. You can do this with the arrow keys, or with a mouse if your program supports it.
If you are running a graphics-based program, the cursor may seem as a small arrow, called a pointer.

How do you control cursor with keyboard ?

First go to the start menu,open control panel.
Open accessibility option go to mouse tab and select ''use mouse keys''.
If it is too slow don't worry just open settings from mouse tab and move the option of ''top speed'' to high and ''acceleration'' to high and click ok. Congratulation you done. Now you can move mouse cursor with keyboard's number pad.

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