Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What is hacking,Is the hacking illegal and why the hacking is illegal

What is hacking:

Types of Hacking:
  • Steal of information (from a website)
  • Steal of information (from computer)
  • Hack and control a computer.
  • Hack and crash a computer or website.
I have described about many types of hacking.You can steal information from a website using a tool (I can't give you you the name of that tool because hacking is illegal). You can crash a computer or a website very easily with denial............ attack.If you are a boy about 15 years old and you have a computer (with Internet). You search about "hot to hack a website or computer". You will see many results about hacking but they don't describe that hacking is illegal.After reading that tutorial
.if you will attack on a high security website like Google.You can also go into jail.So don't try hacking.In the past I published many posts about hacking but now I removed all that hacking posts and publish a post"5 best tips to prevent Facebook from hacking". Because I have experience about hacking.I used it for prevent hacking.In future I shall publish many post about "prevent hacking".

 Is the hacking illegal or crime:

Yes hacking is illegal and a crime.Don't try hacking.

Why the hacking is illegal:

Hacking is illegal because it invades the privacy of others and it steals information of others (credit card details,Mobile numbers etc). Hacking is almost a crime because in hacking you are a theft.You rob many information of other people.If you hack a high-security website like Google,Facebook etc.You can also go to jail for hacking crime.So I advice you to not hack a Computer website or anything because hacking is illegal.

Tips to prevent hacking: If your friend send you a link.Don't click on that link because when you click on a link your friend can find your IP address and he can crash your Computer with IP address.

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