Sunday, 13 October 2013

Two Tips to speed up your window XP 100 % without any software

Speed up your window XP 100 % without any software

There are many ways to make windows XP fast.Today I am going to show you how to make Windows XP fast.1st :empty recycle bin.
2nd :Right click on my computer and click properties.Select advanced,settings and select adjust for best performance and save.
3rd :remove unusable contents from desktop. Do disk defragment from disk defragment go to start menu all programs accessories system tools and then select disk defragment. 
4th : disable unusable programs at startup to do this go to run type msconfig and hit enter.Go to startup tab and deselect programs you do not want to run at startup.Click OK.
5th. Download and install Ccleaner program.You can search "how to download and use Ccleaner". Follow the instruction that you found.
 Restart your computer and you feel that your computer runs faster than before.

Speed up your Windows XP using USB:

Today I am going to show you how you can speed up your pc using usb flash drive
Things you need :
1. A usb flash drive
2. a computer using windows(any version)
First plug-in your usb flash drive into your computer
second go to my computer and right-click on your usb flash drive like this
and go to properties.Then go to ready boost tab and select use this device then use your size.If you want to use  1 gb or more ram type 1000 into mb box if you want more type more than 1000
Note: Always eject your usb before unplugging (to eject go to my computer,right-click on your usb and click eject).
You will feel that your pc is faster than before. If you are facing any problem describe it in comments or contact me.My email address and mobile number is given in Contact us tab.Do not forget to follow me on Google plus.

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