Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How to buy a domain and install WordPress for free

Update: Look at the end of the article to buy a completely free " .tk " domain.

A website is a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more web pages.To open a website you need to type its URL in a web browser e.g etc.But to create your own website, you will need some money and then host it, but today I am going to show you "How to create a website and install WordPress for free".

Buy a free domain:

It is very easy to buy a domain like .com , .org etc.There are two types of domains first: domain such as .com , .org , .net etc. Second: sub domain such as , , etc.Just follow these steps given below to create a subdomain.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign up button located at right sidebar.
  3. Type the name of your website e.g tips&tricks under or, I will choose your free subdomain (recommended). Type your name under your Name. Type your email address under your email.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

How to make a chitika account,tips for approval and put chitika ads on blogger

Chitika is a PPC (pay per click) website. It is located in West borough, Massachusetts, USA. The name Chitika means "snap of the fingers" in Telugu language. It was founded in 2003.It has 35,000+ publishers. It is a good alternative of Adsense.You can create a free publisher account of Chitika for free. After that you can show Chitika ads on your website and when a visitor will click on the ad. You will earn some money.It is very easy. You need only a website for making money online. To create a free website with .tk domain go to this link

How to make a free Chitika account:

To make a Chitika account for free just follow the steps given below.
  1. Go to .
  2. Click on Sign up button (located at top right side of the page) 
  3. A new page will appear. Enter your E-mail address and click Get started button.Note: please read terms and conditions first.

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