Thursday, 6 February 2014

4 best tips to protect your computer from hacking

In my previous posts I have said that "hacking is illegal". In this post I am going to show you "How to protect your computer from hacking". There are almost every people want to learn how to hack a computer.They search on Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.There they found many articles about how to hack a Computer etc.To protect your computer from hackers just follow my tips given below.

1.Keep your firewall on:

What is a firewall?

protect (a network or system) from unauthorized access with a firewall.

Does your computer has firewall?

In now days almost every computer has a firewall.

How to use firewall to protect from hackers?

 Always keep your firewall on.If your firewall is off many hackers can easily hack your computer.To turn on your firewall just follow the steps given below.
1. Click start button from your keyboard.
2. Search for firewall and choose Windows firewall (located
under Control Panel 4 )
3. Click on "Turn Windows Firewall on or off" (located at right sidebar)
4. Click on turn on turn on windows firewall and click OK.

Now you have turned on Windows firewall.If someone someone use d-dos attack to crash your Computer then he fails because your firewall has enabled.If you will disable your firewall then anyone can crash your computer.

2.Protect your computer from harmful web surfing:

If you are using a old version of a web browser then update your web browser soon.If not someone can attack your computer.Sometimes you are surfing the Internet.You are using Facebook website.Your friend send you a link and he said there are many post about hacking.You will open that website and view that posts and close the website but your computer was attacked by that website.If you have a latest browser so when you surf an attacking website you will inform first.So hurry up and update your browser.Always clear your cookies (this is very important) because if you would not clear your cookies daily  someone do track your daily actions online.

3.Antivirus security:

If you have not installed an Antivirus program so hurry up install an antivirus program.If not this thing will happen with your computer.Someone send you a link and said to download visit that link and download the app.You will download that app and try to open it.You do not know that what are you opening.It would be an Trojan horse and if you open a Trojan horse.The hacker can control your computer completely.He can  control your mouse keyboard.View logs and passwords etc.To prevent this thing just download an free or paid Antivirus and install it into your computer.You can download Avast! free antivirus,AVG and Avira.
Update them daily because new viruses are spreading daily. Scan your computer daily.
If you follow these tip.No one can hack your computer.

4.Some other tips:

Always keep your password protected.If your friend use your computer sometimes.Check your computer for keylogger softwares (with antivirus) and keylogger hardware.Keylogger hardware are plugged in usb port.Always clear your browser`s caches.

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