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Windows 7 vs Ubuntu 14.04 : Comparison and Review

Introduction to Windows and Ubuntu

Windows 7 is a product of Microsoft. It was released in 2009.Windows 7 is a very beautiful, customizable, fast and the best product of Microsoft (I think). Windows 7 is made for desktops and mobiles. Windows 7 phone was the first release of Microsoft's mobile phone operating system.
Ubuntu 14.04 code name (Trusty Tahr) is a Linux distro (based on debian), product of Canonical. It was released on 17 April, 2014. A new version of Ubuntu releases after every 6 months. It is an LTS (long term support) release which means that it will support 5 years of official updates.Its default desktop environment is Unity. Unity welcomes new users. It is very easy to use.Unity was designed for Mobiles, Desktops and Tablets. Canonical has announced that after the final release of Unity 8, Users can use one app across all the devices (phones,tablets and desktops). Its really amazing.

Now we are going to compare these two Operating Systems.

Simple Speed Comparison:

The first thing we notice about a OS is that "How much time it takes to boot up".
Ubuntu 14.04:
                       22.5 Seconds
Windows 7:
                   34 seconds
Winner = Ubuntu 14.04

The second thing is "How much time it takes to launch an application" :

Time to launch Firefox (Ubuntu) :
                                                      2 Seconds
Time to launch Firefox (Windows 7) :
                                                            3 seconds
Winner = Ubuntu 14.04

"How much time it takes to search an application" :
Ubuntu uses Dash to search the computer. It can also searches online sources like wikipedia,Amazon etc. Dash uses lens to search various sources.It is highly customizable e.g You can change background blur etc. As you can see in this picture.

Whereas Windows 7 uses Start Menu to search files.Start Menu cannot search online sources. It is not highly customizable as compared to Unity Dash.

Ubuntu's search time:
                                  1 second
Windows 7's search time:
                                       0.3 to 0.5 seconds
Winner = Windows 7
Note: Ubuntu's Dash takes more time because it is busy searching online sources.                          

Last thing "How much time it takes to shut down" :

             3.5 seconds
Windows 7:
                   5 seconds
Winner = Ubuntu 

The winner of Simple speed comparison= Ubuntu14.04

Beauty Comparison

Ubuntu 14.04 is the king of beauty. It is very cute. According to my thoughts Ubuntu is the most beautiful Linux distro. Its default desktop environment is Unity. Unity has a launcher on left side. Launcher holds your favourite apps. "Settings>appearance>behavior" has a option to change the size and autohide launcher.
Dash is also very beautiful. Its background is blurred by default.

To change background wallpaper just right click on desktop and click "change desktop background" and choose the wallpaper or open an image,click edit and "set as default background". There are thousands of themes available to install.Hot corners are also available. The buttons to close,minimize and maximize of an app are on top left side. Ubuntu's menu bar looks like Mac's one. To change menu bar settings go to "settings" , appearance and click behavior tab. From here you can change also change the settings of the "launcher".
Menu bar is on the top of screen. There are plenty of options like clock,calendar,battery,network,sound,messages and many more.
Some screenshots of ubuntu:

 Windows 7 is a decent Operating System. Its taskbar and startmenu are awesome. To change the background wallpaper, just right click on desktop and select last option. The wallpaper can be changed from here easily.You can also change the Theme from here. There are many other options available. You can hide files,change the icon etc. You can also change the total appearance e.g taskbar,Window's animation,menu bar and many more.
To change appearance Right click on my computer and click properties.
Now click "advance options" from the left side. Go to second tab and now you can change the appearance of your Windows 7. For a faster experience change the option to "for best performance"It will look like this. I know its pretty ugly.
The login screen is amazing.


Ubuntu's overall beauty:
                                        9 out of 10

Windows 7's overall beauty:
                                            7.5 out of 10
Winner = Ubuntu 14.04

Features Comparison


 According to features, Ubuntu is a atom bomb. It is full of features and very easy to use for newbees. It's unity desktop environment is the easiest Desktop environment right know. 

One of its feature is HUD (head up display). According to wiki ubuntu:
"The HUD is a way for you to express your intent and have the application respond appropriately. We think of it as “beyond interface”, it’s the “intenterface”. This concept of “intent-driven interface” has been a primary theme of our work in the Unity shell, with dash search as a first class experience pioneered in Unity. Now we are bringing the same vision to the application, in a way which is completely compatible with existing applications and menus."

The second feature of Ubuntu is "Dash". Dash is used to search the computer. It can also search online sources like wikipedia,Amazon etc. Dash uses lens to search various sources.It is highly customizable e.g You can change background blur etc. Mac's spotlight is a clone of Dash (I think).

The third feature of Ubuntu is Compiz. According to wikipedia:
Compiz is a compositing window manager for the X Window System, using 3D graphics hardware to create fast compositing desktop effects for window management. Effects, such as a minimization animation or a cube workspace, are implemented as loadable plugins."
Another feature of Ubuntu is "unity tweak tools". You can enable or change hot corners,click to minimize,themes,icons,fonts,Workspace,Windows snapping and many more. 

The last feature of Ubuntu (amongst me) is workspaces. According to Wikipedia:
"Additionally, workspaces refer to the grouping of windows in some window managers. Grouping applications in this way is meant to reduce clutter and make the desktop easier to navigate.
Multiple workspaces are prevalent on Unix-like operating systems and certain operating system shells."

There are penalty of hidden features that I have not explained (sorry). To see these features, You have to use Ubuntu 14.04 yourself.

Windows 7:

  Multitouch is the best feature of Windows 7.It is the first operating system of Microsoft which supports multitouch. You can use " pinch to zoom" feature etc.
You can change the background wallpaper of login screen.
 I can't find more great feature of Windows 7 (sorry).


Ubuntu 14.04:
                      9 out of 10 
 Windows 7:
                   7 out of 10
Winner (of course) = Ubuntu 14.04

Security comparison


 As we know Ubuntu is a distrobution of Linux. Today Linux is the securest platform in the world of computers. Almost all supercomputers in the world use Linux. When someone find a vulnerability of Linux the open community immediately start to create its patch to fix this. After some days, The patch is available to download. It is very difficult to hack Ubuntu because it has no open ports. Ubuntu has its App armor which protect your computer from security threats. So it is almost unable to hack Ubuntu. Many users install Ubuntu for security reason.

Windows 7: 

Microsoft Windows is the most vulnerable operating system in the world. To protect your computer from security threats like viruses,worms etc, you need to install an Antivirus. It protects your computer from hackers,viruses etc. There are millions of security threats present to Windows. This is due to the highest number of users in the world. 


Ubuntu 14.04
             9.5 points out of 10
Windows 7:
                   5 points out of 10  

Winner= Ubuntu 14.04 

Software and Application comparison:


Fresh release of Ubuntu 14.04 is packed with a bundle of apps. Ubuntu 14.04 is packed with Libre Office,Firefox,Ubuntu software center,calculator,Messenger,audio player,video player,disk burner,browser,Transmission,cheese webcam booth,contacts,flash player,document viewer and image viewer. To use flash player, audio and video codecs out of the box, You have to select the option of "install third party softwares". Ubuntu has a software center to install new apps. Ubuntu software center is a very beautiful and easy to use store. Just click one button and your app will start download and installing automatically. You can also install apps by installing a .deb format file. for example skype.deb . These types of files are available on thousands of sites. The last option to install an app is by using terminal. Instructions for this method is given in this site Ubuntu official documentary. In simple, Ubuntu uses almost all devices out of box. If your device is not working, You can install its additional driver (if available).

Windows 7

Windows 7 uses .EXE to open an app. it may be an installer or an app. Windows 7 has an huge advantage and a small disadvantage. Advantage is... Windows has millions or billions of softwares,Games and drivers. This is the biggest advantage for Windows. Every business man usually use Microsoft Office. And every gamer will install Windows. If you search for an app on Google, it will give you the result for Windows app (usually). For example search for MAME emulator, The results will be of Windows. And the disadvantage is.......
Software center, unlike Ubuntu 14.04 Windows 7 does not has an Software center.
Ubuntu 14.04:
                     6 points out of 10.
Windows 7:
                  10 points out of 10.  

Final Verdict:

I think both OS are winner because:
Ubuntu 14.04 is a very beautiful, fast and reliable OS.It is a good alternative to Windows 7. The biggest advantage to Ubuntu is, It is free and free of security threats. Half of Windows users migrate to Ubuntu because of security reasons. Price is also a very big reason of migration. If you want an easy,reliable,fast and beautiful OS Ubuntu 14.04 is your way.
Whereas, Windows 7 is also an easy and beautiful OS but it is not reliable because of security threats. Windows 7 is best for gamers and business men. If you are a rich man, Windows 7 is your way. Because you need to buy a copy of Windows 7 for 150$ and then buy an antivirus to secure your pc.

I hope you would like my article. Please feel free to comment.

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